Friday, August 30, 2013

A Facelift for the Fridge

Ever since our little one came a long, the front of our fridge has been COVERED with pictures, invitations, greeting cards, emergency information, schedules, art work, save the dates, magnets, coupons, you name it, it is on my fridge! I might have a problem... I love receiving photo Christmas cards and birthday invitations, so long after the intended greeting period, these photo cards are STILL hanging on my fridge! So I am running out of space, I can't tell what is important anymore, and quite frankly, the fridge just looks like a hot mess!

I have come up with a few projects to solve the hot mess problem that is my fridge:

First project: Kid's Art Display Wall

Second project: Coupon Organization System

Third project: Coffee Table Flip Book

Now that I have purged the fridge front of most of what was cluttering it up, I organized what was left into a beautiful display of the most important (or favorite) things. Here is how I did it.

First I purchased an assortment of different sized picture frames from the dollar store. Then I chose three paint colors to paint the frames that match the existing colors in my kitchen. After painting the frames with primer then paint, I began filling the frames. I filled them with favorite pictures and then filled the largest one with corkboard instead of a picture and glass. My plan for the corkboard was to tack calendar pages to. I thought that would be a quick and easy way to change over to the next month instead of removing the backside of the frame etc. Lastly, I hot glued magnets to the backs of all of the frames. Once the hot glue was set, I arranged them on the fridge.

The silver clip magnets on the top of the bottom half of the fridge I use to hang invites for events that are upcoming, in the order in which they will take place.

There is still a lot going on here, but it is definitely much more organized, which makes my heart smile every time I see it!


  1. I love the idea of framing my favourite pictures and place it on the fridge. It seems so cute. And since I am always at the kitchen, I will have a great time reminiscing at those photos.

  2. This is a great idea!!! I love that you can choose colors to match your kitchen :)


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